The Movie

The Sound of Perfection is currently in development.  We have a great script and are assembling a terrific team of professionals.  The film will have a top cast and director.  The production is based on an amazing true story, one of the most requested article reprints in the 99 year history of Reader’s Digest. You can read the synopsis below and the full Reader’s Digest story here.


This inspiring true story is filled with heart and humor and truly spotlights the positive influence music education becomes for a lifetime.  The story begins when Army sergeant, Robert “Bob” Barr, is hired as the music director for Jordan Vocational High School, in Columbus, Georgia.  The students are dirt-poor, can barely read music and left to play mostly junk store instruments.  But within just a few years, they beat the odds and become the ‘Red Jackets’, the number one marching / symphonic band in the nation in 1952.  An astonishing feat considering the nearly insurmountable struggles Bob and these kids have to face.  Most of the band members went on to excellent careers instead of dead end jobs because of the self-esteem Bob and his wife, Annie, instilled in their hearts.  It’s stand-up-and-cheer history that will appeal to all audiences and take its place among the pantheon of inspirational films such as THE BLIND SIDE, HOOSIERS, MIRACLE, RUDY, INVINCIBLE, and REMEMBER THE TITANS.

Why Is This Film Important?

Across the country, school music education continues to fall victim from budget cuts. Every week brings a new round of class closures. The impact far surpasses the classroom.  Music education needs to be recognized for the deep and lasting influence it brings to all who participate.  And to its wide importance within the music world and beyond.  As a feature film, THE SOUND OF PERFECTION will greatly underscore these facts.  This film will touch and motivate millions of people and allow us to achieve the goal set forth below.

The Film’s Goal

The goal of the film is threefold.  First, to bring this true story to the screen as great entertainment.  Second, to inspire many of our future musicians and keep the spotlight burning brightly on the critical need for music education.  Third, to set up a non-profit foundation that will raise funds and help stem the epidemic of school music department cuts across the country.  Over 110 million Americans have played in a school band since 1940.  Let’s make sure that another 100 million students have this fundamental opportunity.

The Film’s Design

The film is being designed to have maximum awareness by filling out roles with A-list actors who share a deep appreciation of music. And by placing iconic music artists, from across all genres, in small “character” cameos.  Additionally, these artists, along with many others, will record brief testimonials sharing their personal journeys, key influences and deep support of music education.  A dozen of these testimonials will appear before the film’s end credit roll.  Dozens more will be added to the extended digital release. This combination of star talent will ensure wide appeal and lift the film far beyond its huge, built-in audienc